The Past Participle in Spanish

Spanish Past Participle

The Past Participle (“Participio”) is a verb form in Spanish.

In this lesson we will learn about the Past Participle, going through the following points:

1. Conjugation

For each verb, there is only one Past Participle. Unlike most tenses, it doesn’t change for each person.

Most verbs have a regular Past Participle. However, there are some irregular ones.

Regular Past Participles

Most verbs have regular Past Participles. We form the Past Participle by just adding these endings to their stem:

  • Verbs ending in “-ar” —>  –ado
  • Verbs ending in “-er”, “-ir”  —> –ido

Here are some examples:

VerbPast Participle

Irregular Past Participles

Some verbs have an Irregular Past Participle and don’t follow the rule above.

Here’s a list of the most important Irregular Past Participles:

Irregular Participles
hacer → hecho
decir → dicho
ver → visto
escribir → escrito
romper → roto
poner → puesto
volver → vuelto
resolver → resuelto
satisfacer → satisfecho
descubrir → descubierto
morir → muerto

2. Uses of the Past Participle

As a part of Perfect Tenses

The first use of the Past Participle is playing a role in all Perfect Tenses in Spanish, which are:

Here are some example sentences where we can find the Past Participle playing a role in these Perfect Tenses:

Hoy he trabajado mucho. = I’ve worked a lot today (Present Perfect)

Todavía no habíamos hecho las camas = We hadn’t yet made the beds (Past Perfect)

Me alegro de que hayas comido bien = I’m happy you’ve eaten well (Present Perfect Subjunctive)

As an adjective

We can use the Past Participles as adjectives. In this case, the Past Participle needs to match the noun it is related to, in both gender and number.

Example sentences:

El chico está relajado. = The boy is relaxed (masculine singular)

Los chicos están relajados. = The boys are relaxed (masculine plural)

La chica parece cansada. = The girl seems tired (feminine singular)

Las chicas parecen cansadas. = The girls seem tired (feminine plural)

3. Practice: A Quiz

Take this short Quiz to test your knowledge!:

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