Asking for Directions in Spanish – Vocabulary and Phrases

In this post we are going to learn Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases to use when asking for directions. Although nowadays this is not so necessary because of Google Maps and so on, you still might need it at some point if you are lost in a city or town!

We will start with some Spanish Phrases and then cover some Spanish Vocabulary we can use when asking for Directions.

Enjoy and become an expert at asking for directions in Spanish! 🙂


Asking for directions

¿Hay una farmacia por aquí?Is there a pharmacy around here?
¿Cómo puedo ir a la estación?How can I go to the station?
¿Dónde está la catedral?Where is the cathedral?
¿Puedo ir a pie?Can I go on foot?
¿Cuánto se tarda en llegar?How long does it take to arrive?
¿Debería tomar un taxi?Should I take a taxi?

Giving directions

Sigue todo recto.Go straight ahead.
Gira a la derecha.Turn right.
Gira a la izquierda.Turn left.
Toma la primera calle a la izquierda.Take the first street to the left.
Toma la segunda calle a la derecha.Take the second street to the right.
Cruza la calle.Cross the street.
Toma el autobús número 15.Take bus 15.
La catedral está a la derecha.The cathedral is on the right side.
Se puede ir a pie.It's possible to go on foot.
Se tarda una hora.It takes one hour.



pedir indicacionesto ask for directions
dar indicacionesto give directions
seguir todo rectoto go straight ahead
girarto turn
tomarto take
subir al autobústo get on the bus
bajar del autobústo get off the bus
cambiar de trento change trains
cruzar la plazato cross the square
llegarto arrive
tardar veinte minutosto take 20 minutes (to arrive, for example)

Places, streets…

la callestreet
la avenidaavenue
la carreteraroad
la autovíahighway
el bulevarboulevard
la plazasquare
el callejónalley
el barrioneighborhood, district
el puentebridge
el semáforotraffic lights