Spanish Words at the Doctor’s + Phrases for Conversation

Spanish at the Doctors

In this post we are going to learn Spanish words and sentences to use at the Doctor’s.

We will start with some sentences. The rest is just vocabulary, grouped into different categories.

Enjoy and become an expert at talking at the Doctor’s in Spanish! 🙂

Note: This is a post with words and phrases to use at the Doctor’s. We have another post with a lot of Vocabulary about the Human Body and Body Parts. Click here to check that out. 

Phrases the patient can say in Spanish

Estoy muy cansado/a últimamente.
I’m very tired lately.

He tenido un accidente.
I’ve had an accident (Click to learn the Spanish Present Perfect)

Me duele la cabeza.
I have headache.

Me duele la garganta.
My throat hurts.

Me duele aquí.
It hurts here (while pointing at the exact place)

Me siento mal.
I feel bad.

Tengo estornudos.
I sneeze.

Tengo fiebre alta, 39 grados.
I have a high fever, 39 degrees.

Tengo mareos.
I feel dizzy.

Tengo tos.
I cough.

Tengo una herida.
I have a wound.

Phrases the doctor can say

Aquí tiene la receta.
Here is the prescription.

¿Desde cuando le pasa?
Since when does it happen?

¿Dónde le duele exactamente?
Where does it hurt exactly?

¿Qué le pasa?
What’s wrong? What’s the problem?

Respire hondo.
breath deeply.

Siéntese, por favor.
Take a sit, please.

Tiene que tomarlo antes de comer.
You have to take it before eating.

Tiene que tomarlo después de comer.
You have to take it after eating.

Tiene que tomarlo dos veces al día.
You have to take this twice a day

Túmbese aquí.
Lie down here.

Voy a mandarle un medicamento.
I’m going to prescribe you a medicine.

People, Places

La ambulanciaambulance
La camabed
La consultadoctor’s office, consulting room
El enfermeronurse
El hospitalhospital
El médicodoctor
El pacientepatient
La sala de esperawaiting room
Las urgenciasemergency room/department

Some symptoms

El cansancio / La fatigafatigue
La diarreadiarrhea
El dolor de cabezaheadache
El dolor de espaldaback pain
Los estornudossneezes
La fiebrefever
La inflamación de gargantathroat inflammation
Los mareosdizziness
La tensión altahigh blood pressure
La toscoughing
Los vómitosvomits

What the patient can do

Explicar los síntomasto explain the symptoms
Llamar al médicoTo call the doctor
Llamar a la ambulanciato call for an ambulance
Pedir una cita con el médico / doctorto asks for an appointment with the doctor

What the doctor can do

Examinar al pacienteto examine the patient
Mandar hacer un análisis de sangreto ask for a blood test done
Mandar hacer una radiografíato ask for a X-ray done
Recetar un antibióticoto prescribe an antibiotic
Recetar un medicamentoto prescribe a medicine
Tomar la temperaturato take the temperature
Tomar la tensióncheck out the blood pressure