Spanish Phrases at the Bank, Banking Vocabulary

Spanish Phrases at the Bank

In this post we are going to learn Spanish Phrases to Use at the Bank, as well as Vocabulary about the bank, bank accounts, etc.

We will start with some Spanish Phrases. The rest is Vocabulary, grouped by categories.

Enjoy and become an expert at talking in Spanish at the Bank! 🙂

Spanish Phrases at the Bank

¿Cómo y cuándo recibiré la tarjeta?
How and when will I receive the card? (Click to Learn Spanish Question Words)

Disculpe, ¿sabe dónde hay un cajero automático?
Excuse me, do you know where is an ATM?

He perdido mi tarjeta y quiero anularla.
I’ve lost my card and I want to cancel it.

¿Qué documentación debo aportar?
What documents do i need to provide?

¿Qué interés me ofrecen?
What interest rate can you offer me?

Quisiera abrir una cuenta corriente.
I’d like to open a current account.


Things and concepts

El bancobank
El cajero automáticoATM
La cuenta corrientecurrent account
La cuenta de ahorrosavings account
El empleado de bancobank clerk
La hipotecamortgage
El interésbank interest rate
El PIN / La clavePIN code, password
La sucursal / La oficina bancariabank branch / office
La tarjeta de créditocredit card
La tarjeta de débitodebit card
La transferenciatransfer


Abrir una cuenta bancariato open a bank account
Cancelar una cuenta bancariato close a bank account
Cobrar un chequeto cash a check
Firmar un documentoto sign a document
Hacer una transferenciato transfer money
Ingresar dinero en la cuentato deposit money in the account
Invertirto invest
Pedir un créditoto ask for a loan
Rellenar un formularioto fill out a form
Sacar dineroto withdraw money
Solicitar una hipotecato apply for a mortgage