Spanish for the Hotel – Vocabulary and Phrases

¡Hola! Are you traveling to a Spanish-speaking country? Are you staying in a hotel? Then you’ve come to the right place. 🙂

In this post we are going to learn some Spanish phrases and vocabulary that are useful in this situation. We cover booking a room, checking in, talking about problems, checking out of the hotel…

We will start with some phrases, and then provide vocabulary lists with useful words. Enjoy!

Phrases: Booking a room and checking in

Booking a room

Here are some phrases we can use when making a reservation:

Quisiera reservar una habitación…I’d like to reserve a room…
Quisiera una habitación...I'd like a room...
... para dos personas.... for 2 people
… para el próximo viernes.… for next Friday.
… para dos noches.… for 2 nights.
... para el fin de semana.... for the weekend
… de viernes a domingo.… from Friday to Sunday.
… del 25 de julio al 5 de agosto.… from July 25 to August 5.
... con baño propio.... with its own bathroom.
... con ducha.... with a shower.
... con buenas vistas.... with a good view.
... con vista al mar.... with a sea view.
¿Cuánto cuesta por noche?How much does it cost per night?
¿Está incluido el desayuno?Is breakfast included?
Llegaremos a las dos de la tarde.We’ll arrive at 2 pm
¿Puedo ver la habitación?May I see the room?
Está bien, me la quedo.It's fine, I'll take it.
¿Tiene algo más barato?Do you have something cheaper?
¿Tiene algo más grande?Do you have something bigger?

Checking in

Once we arrive at the hotel, we also have things to say and to ask…:

Hola, tengo una habitación reservada.Hi, I have a room reserved.
Quería registrarme en el hotel.I’d like to check into the hotel.
¿Está lista la habitación?Is the room ready?
¿Cuál es el número de habitación?What's the room number?
¿En qué planta está la habitación?What floor is the room on?
Quería pagar la habitación ahora.I’d like to make the payment for the room now.
Aquí está mi carné de identidadHere's my ID card
¿A qué hora es el desayuno?What time is the breakfast?
¿Cuál es el horario de la piscina?What are the swimming pool hours?

Phrases at the hotel

Having breakfast

In our post Spanish at the Restaurant, you have many more words and phrases. But here are a couple of basic ones:

Hola, voy a tomar...Hello, I'll have...
... una tostada con mantequilla.... buttered toast.
... huevos fritos con jamón.... fried eggs with ham.
... un café.a coffee.
... un zumo de orange juice.
La cuenta, por favor.The check, please.


Hopefully they won’t happen, but if they do…:

La televisión no funciona.The TV doesn't work.
El aire acondicionado no funciona.The air conditioning does not work.
La ventana está atascada.The window is stuck.
La persiana está atascada.The blind is jammed.
No hay agua caliente.There is no hot water.
La lámpara está rota.The lamp is broken.
El ... está roto.The ... is broken.
¿Pueden repararlo? ¿Cuándo?Can you repair it? When?

Checking out

It was nice while it lasted! Here are some things we can say when we are leaving:

Me marcho hoy / mañana.I am leaving today / tomorrow.
Nos marchamos hoy / mañana.We are leaving today / tomorrow.
Prepare la factura, por favor.Prepare the invoice, please.
Creo que hay un error.I think there's a mistake.
¿Puede llamar a un taxi para mí?Could you call a cab for me?
¿A qué hora es el próximo bus/tren para Madrid?What time is the next bus/train to Madrid?
He estado muy a gusto, gracias.I have been very comfortable, thank you.
Hemos estado muy a gusto, gracias.We have been very comfortable, thank you.



una habitacióna room
una reservaa reservation
con cama individualwith single bed
con cama de matrimoniowith double bed
para dos personasfor 2 people
con balcónwith a balcony
con vista al marwith a sea view
con piscinawith a swimming pool
con aire acondicionadowith air conditioning
con baño propiowith bathroom
con baño compartidowith a shared bathroom
media pensiónbreakfast and one daily meal included in the price
pensión completabreakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price
la hora de llegadatime of arrival
la llave de la habitaciónthe room key
el número de habitaciónthe room number


reservarto make a reservation
llegarto arrive
registrarseto do the check in
hacer el check-into do the check in
dejar la habitaciónto leave the room
pagarto pay
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