Days of the Week in Spanish

Spanish Days of the Week

Welcome to our lesson about the days of the week in Spanish. In it, we will learn the days’ names, and other concepts such as “weekend”.

We will also learn how to use days of the week in Spanish sentences, providing examples

Days of the week

Here is a list with the 7 days of the week in Spanish:


As we notice, the days of the week are not capitalized in Spanish.

Pointing to a specific day when an action occurs – With article “el”

In sentences that express what happens on a specific day, that day is preceded by article “el”.

El martes tengo un examen.
I have an exam on Tuesday.

Hay una fiesta el viernes.
There’s a party on Friday.

El sábado y el domingo estoy libre.
I’m free on Saturday and Sunday.

We can also use the article “este” (“this”):

Este miércoles no trabajo.
This Wednesday I don’t work.

Pointing to a day when an action occurs every week – With article “los”

If the action happens every week on that day, then we use article “los”, and we make the name of the day plural (“sábado” becomes “sábados”, “domingo” becomes “domingos”, and the rest of the days stay the same):

Visito a mi familia los sábados.
I visit my family on Saturdays.

Los domingos voy a la iglesia.
On Sundays I go to the church.

¿Qué haces los lunes?
What do you do on Mondays?

Expressing an interval: With prepositions “de…. a…..”

When expressing that something happens in an interval of days, we use the formula “de…. a….”. We have a separate lesson dedicated to “de… a…”.

Mi hijo va a clase de lunes a jueves.
My song goes to classes from Monday to Thursday.

Hay una huelga de martes a viernes.
There’s a strike from Tuesday to Friday.

“Weekdays” and “weekend”

Let’s learn how to say this concepts in Spanish:

  • Entre semana = On weekdays
  • El fin de semana = On the weekend
  • Los fines de semana = On the weekends

Example sentences:

Las tiendas abren entre semana.
The shops are open on weekdays.

El fin de semana vamos a Madrid.
We go to Madrid on the weekend.

Hago deporte los findes de semana.
I do sports on the weekends.