Comparisons of inequality in Spanish – Learn and Practice

Welcome to our grammar lesson about comparisons of inequality in Spanish.

Comparisons of inequality are those in which two things or people are unequal in some way.

English sentences like “The tree is taller than the flower”, or “Laura has less money than Juan” are comparisons of inequality.

We basically use two formulas to make comparisons in inequality in Spanish: one with más que and another one with menos que.

Two comparisons of inequality in Spanish, one with "más que" and one with "menos que"
Two comparisons of inequality

In this lesson we will learn both formulas and read examples of their use.

At the end you’ll find a Quiz and an Exercise for practice.

Comparisons with “más que”

más que means “more… than…”

We just need to fill in the blanks, if necessary:

Yo corro más que tú.
I run more than you.

Ana tiene más amigos que Laura.
Ana has more friends than Laura.

Superman es más poderoso que Batman.
Superman is more powerful than Batman.

Before translating a sentence like “Mario is taller than Gonzalo” or “My car is faster than yours”, we need to make the following transformation in our mind:

Mario is taller than Gonzalo → “Mario is more tall than Gonzalo” → Mario es más alto que Gonzalo.

My car is faster than yours → “My car is more fast than yours” → Mi coche es más rápido que el tuyo.

So in general (with a few exceptions that we will study next) we don’t say “taller than”: we say “more tall than”, etc.


We just learned that comparative adjectives such as “taller” or “faster” need to be transformed to “more tall”, “more fast” in our mind, before translating them to Spanish.

However, there are a few exceptions: adjectives which do have a special comparative form.

The most important ones are: 

  • mejor = better         (Plural: mejores)
  • peor = worse          (Plural: peores)
  • mayor = older         (Plural: mayores)
  • menor = younger    (Plural: menores)

For these few cases, we don’t include the word “más” in our comparisons:

Estos libros son mejores que estos cómics.
These books are better than these comics.

El Hobbit es peor que El Señor de los Anillos.
The Hobbit is worse than Lord of the Rings.

Mis hermanos son mayores que yo.
My brothers are older than me.

Ana es menor que Laura.
Ana is younger than Laura.

Comparisons with “menos que”

menos que means “less… than…”

We just need to fill in the blanks, if necessary:

Pablo fuma menos que Luis.
Pablo smokes less than Luis.

Ellos ganan menos dinero que nosotros.
They earn less money than we do.

Matemáticas es menos difícil que Química.
Math is less difficult than Chemistry.

There are no exceptions to the menos que formula.



Take this short Quiz to test your knowledge about comparisons of inequality:


Now we are going to practice with sentences.

Fill the gaps with the necessary words to make comparisons of inequality. Click on the gray spaces to see the solutions:

1) Este color es más oscuro que ese.
This color is darker than that one.

2) Los gatos son más rápidos que los perros.
Cats are faster than dogs.

3) Los gatos son mejores que los perros.
Cats are better than dogs.

4) Nosotros somos más guapos que vosotros.
We are more handsome than you guys.

5) Clara es mayor que Laura.
Clara is older than Laura.

6) Pablo bebe menos que Alberto.
Pablo drinks less than Alberto.

7) Yo soy menos inteligente que tú.
I am less intelligent than you.

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