Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases about Daily Routine

In this post we are going to learn Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases about our Daily Routine.

We will start with some Spanish Phrases. The rest is Vocabulary lists, grouped by category.

Enjoy and become an expert at talking in Spanish about your Daily Routine! 🙂

Spanish Phrases about Daily Routine

¡Levántate, vas a llegar tarde al cole!
Get up, you’re going to be late to school! (Click to learn Spanish Informal Commands)

Estoy cansado, me voy a la cama.
I’m tired, I’m going to bed.

A las 7 me levanto. Luego me ducho y desayuno cereales.
I get up at 7. Then I take a shower and have cereals for breakfast.

¿Quieres quedar esta tarde? ¿A qué hora sales del trabajo?
Do you wanna meet this afternoon/evening? What time do you get off work?

Odio afeitarme porque tengo la piel muy sensible.
I hate to shave because I have very sensitive skin.

¡Ponte ropa de abrigo! Hoy va a hacer mucho frío.
Put on warm clothes! It’s gonna be very cold today.

¿Te quitas los zapatos cuando entras en tu casa?
Do you take out your shoes when you get into your home?


The bed

Acostarseto go to bed (or to lie down)
Despertarseto wake up
Dormirseto fall asleep
Hacer la camato make the bed
Irse a la camato go to bed
Levantarseto get up
Poner una alarmato set up an alarm

Corporal hygiene

Bañarseto take a bath
Ducharseto shower
Lavarse la carato wash one’s face
Lavarse las manosto wash one’s hands
Lavarse los dientesto brush one’s teeth

Clothing / hair / beauty

Afeitarseto shave
Desvestirseto get undressed
Maquillarseto put makeup
Peinarseto comb one’s hair
Perfumarseto put perfume on
Ponerse el sombreroto put on the hat
Ponerse la ropato put on the clothes
Quitarse la chaquetato take out the jacket
Quitarse la ropato take out the clothes
Vestirseto get dressed


Almorzarto have lunch
Cenarto have dinner
Cocinarto cook
Comerto eat (in general)
Desayunarto have breakfast
Merendarto have an afternoon snack
Preparar el desayunoto prepare breakfast

Going to places

Hacer la comprato do the shopping
Irse a casato go home
Ir a la escuela / Ir al colegioto go to school
Irse al trabajoto go to work
Salir de casato leave home
Salir del trabajoto get off work


Dar una vuelta / Dar un paseoto go for a stroll
Escuchar la radioto listen to the radio
Escuchar músicato listen to music
Ir a tomar algoto go out for a drink
Ir de comprasto go shopping
Quedar con los amigosto meet friends
Salirto go out
Ver la teleto watch TV

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