Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases about Family

Spanish Family Vocabulary and Phrases

In this post we are going to learn Spanish Vocabulary about Family, and also Phrases for Conversation.

We will start with Spanish Phrases. The rest is vocabulary lists, grouped by category.

Enjoy and become an expert at talking in Spanish about family! 🙂

Spanish Phrases about Family

Mi hijo se llama Luis.
My son’s name is Luis.

Mis padres se llaman Paco y Ángela.
My parents’ names are Paco and Ángela

Tengo dos hermanos y una hermana.
I have two brothers and one sister (Click to learn the Spanish Present Tense)

Mi hermana tiene veinte años.
My sister is 20 years old

Mi familia vive en Barcelona.
My family lives in Barcelona

María tuvo un hijo la semana pasada.
Maria had a son last week

Vocabulary about Family Members

la familiafamily
el padrefather
la madremother
los padresparents
el hermanobrother
la hermanasister
el hijoson
la hijadaughter
el abuelograndfather
la abuelagrandmother
el nietograndson
la nietagranddaughter
el tíouncle
la tíaaunt
el sobrinonephew
la sobrinaniece
el suegrofather in law
la suegramother in law
el yernoson in law
la nueradaughter in law
el cuñadobrother in law
la cuñadasister in law

Keep in mind that the plural form is formed from the masculine form as soon as there is one male in the group. For example:

  • el padre = the father
  • la madre = the mother
  • los padres = the parents
  • el hermano = the brother
  • la hermana = the sister
  • los hermanos = the siblings (as well as “the brothers”)
  • las hermanas = the sisters

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