Spanish “Incluso” – Learn all about this word

The Spanish word “incluso” is a frequent and useful adverb.

In this post we will learn the meaning and use of “incluso”, with example sentences. We will also take a look at the word “hasta” as an alternative in the colloquial language. At the end, you can take a short Quiz to test your knowledge.

1. Meaning of “Incluso”

Its most common translation to English is the word “even”. It expresses something that is also included in an idea, sometimes unexpectedly.

2. Example Sentences

Read the following sentences, which include the word “incluso”:

Tengo un perro, un gato… ¡incluso un loro!
I have a dog, a cat… ¡even a parrot!

Incluso mis amigos lo saben.
Even my friends know it.

Iré incluso si llueve.
I’ll go even if it rains.

Incluso cuando no está borracho, él es muy gracioso.
Even when he’s not drunk, he’s very funny.

3. Alternative Word: “Hasta”

The word “hasta” has several meanings in Spanish, one of them being “even”. Consequently, it can be used as an alternative to “incluso”, especially in a colloquial way.

Let’s read the same sentences, but now using “hasta”:

Tengo un perro, un gato… ¡hasta un loro!

Hasta mis amigos lo saben.

Iré hasta si llueve. 

Hasta cuando no está borracho, él es muy gracioso.

There is flexibility in using “Incluso” Vs. “Hasta”. In general, “Incluso” tends to sound better in more formal settings, and “hasta” in rather informal situations.

4. Practice: A Quiz

Take this short Quiz to test your knowledge!:

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