Spanish Indefinite Articles – “un, una, unos, unas”

Spanish Indefinite Articles

Welcome to our grammar lesson about Spanish Indefinite Articles.

Indefinite Articles (“Artículos indeterminados”) are a collection of words which precede nouns in some circumstances.

In Spanish, Indefinite Articles need to match the gender and number of the noun they precede, and because of that we have 4 different forms.

In this lesson we will learn everything about Indefinite Articles, providing examples of their use.

At the end you’ll find a Quiz and an Exercise for practice.

The 4 Indefinite Articles in Spanish

Because in Spanish we need to match the gender and number of the noun, there are 4 different Indefinite Articles, which are:


About their meanings:

  • Indefinite Articles in singular form (un, una) are the equivalent to the English words “a, an”.
  • Indefinite Articles in plural form (unos, unas) are the equivalent to the English words “some, a few”.

Examples of Indefinite Articles preceding Nouns

“un” + masculine singular nouns:

un coche, un profesor, un rayo, un árbol
a car, a teacher, a ray, a tree

“una” + feminine singular nouns:

una casa, una canción, una flor, una mujer
a house, a song, a flower, a woman

“unos” + masculine plural nouns:

unos amigos, unos vasos, unos problemas
some friends, a few glasses, some problems

“unas” + feminine plural nouns:

unas señoras, unas manzanas, unas palabras
a few ladies, some apples, a few words

Sentences including Indefinite Articles

Here are some example sentences that include Indefinite Articles:

Hay un hombre esperando en la puerta.
There is a man waiting at the door.

Mallorca es una isla de España.
Mallorca is an isle of Spain, 

Tengo unos libros interesantes.
I have some interesting books.

Manuel conoce a unas chicas muy simpáticas.
Manuel knows a few very nice girls.

Practice Spanish Indefinite Articles


Take this short Quiz to test your knowledge about Indefinite Articles!:


Fill the gaps in your mind or on a piece of paper, using Spanish Indefinite Articles. After completing the exercise, check the solutions below:

La señora García está en su casa con ___ (1) amigas.
María tiene ___ (2) mensaje para ti.
Voy a traer ___ (3) dulces.
Quiero ___ (4) cerveza, por favor.
En la biblioteca hay ___ (5) libros de historia interesantísimos.
___ (6) chico de mi clase sabe tocar el violín.

Solutions to the Exercise: 1 = unas, 2 = un, 3 = unos, 4 = una, 5 = unos, 6 = Un

Indefinite Vs. Definite Articles

In this lesson we have learned about Spanish Indefinite Articles. But there are other articles called definite articles. Click here to learn about Spanish Definite Articles!

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