Flirting in Spanish – Vocabulary and Phrases for Conversation

Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases for Flirting

Common Spanish Phrases for Flirting

¿Vienes mucho por aquí? = Do you come here frequently?

¿Nos hemos visto antes? = Have we seen each other before?

¿Te han dicho alguna vez que te pareces a  (…)? = Have they ever told you that you look like… (someone)?

¡Qué ojazos tienes! = You have such beautiful eyes!

Me encanta tu sonrisa = I love your smile

A mi amigo le gusta tu amiga = My friend (boy) likes your friend (girl). (Click to learn the Spanish Verb «Gustar»)

Ven, te invito a una copa = Come, I’ll invite you to a drink

¿Quieres bailar? = Do you wanna dance?

¿Salimos un rato a tomar el aire? = Do you want to go outside and get some air?

¿Damos una vuelta? = You wanna go for a walk with me?

¿Me das tu número de móvil? = Will you give me your mobile number?

¿Puedo besarte? = Can I kiss you?

Lines for romantics and risk-takers

No sé besar, ¿podrías enseñarme? = I don’t know how to kiss, could you teach me?

No creía en el amor a primera vista hasta que te vi a ti = I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw you

¿Me prestas un diccionario? Es que al verte me he quedado sin palabras = Will you lend me dictionary? Cause at the sight of you I’ve been left withouth words

¿Acaba de salir el sol? ¿O me has sonreído? = Did the sun just come out? Or did you smile to me?


flirtearto flirt
ligarto hook up
piropearto compliment
invitar a una copainvite to a drink
bailarto dance
besarto kiss
el piropoflirtatious remark

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