My Book

Hello dear reader,

Apart from this website for Spanish learners full of News in Easy Spanish, Grammar Lessons, Vocabulary Topics, etc… I’ve written a book! Click on this picture to see it on Amazon:

The book can be purchased in paperback and also in digital format. You can read the digital version on any computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. where you have downloaded the free Kindle App. And also on any Kindle device.

My goal was just to write an entertaining and easy read for beginners. I have had trouble myself when learning a new language, trying to find something to read that wouldn’t feel exhausting, even with books that were advertised as “for beginners”.

That’s why I wrote a book where most of the story is told through conversations: the conversations two 18 year-olds have on their smartphones on a holiday where they fall in love.

The conversations are silly, flirty and fun. They read just like a Whatsapp or Telegram chat. Here’s an example, where the girl is asking the boy to rank three celebrities, from most attractive to least. They boy says the most attractive one is Kim Kardashian, and she finds that incredible because of Kim’s big butt 🙂

Was that fun, or what? 🙂 I hope you will find the conversations entertaining, so that you start enjoying yourself with the Spanish language and having some fun. And you are also supporting this site!

If you read it and have any comment, post it wherever you want on my Facebook page: or leave an Amazon review.

¡Gracias y hasta luego!

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