Other Verbs like «Gustar»

The Spanish verb «Gustar» , which means «to be pleasing (to someone)» produces a different sentence structure than most verbs. Click here to review the use of «Gustar» and its sentence structure, which we called «the 2 Blocks Model».

However, «Gustar» is not a unique verb. There are other Verbs which produce the same sentence structure. In this lesson, we will learn to identify them and see Example Sentences with some of them.

Identifying Verbs that work like «Gustar»

First of all, it is important to repeat that “Gustar” doesn’t actually mean “to like”, but “to be pleasing”.

Example:  «Orange juice is pleasing to me» 

“Gustar” expresses an effect something has on someone («it is pleasing»)

Of course, there are many other verbs which express an effect something has on someone. For example:

  • Something is pleasing to me.
  • Something worries me.
  • Something scares me.
  • Something bothers me.
  • Something makes me happy.

In Spanish, all those verbs work like «Gustar» and produce the same Sentences Structure. 

In the rest of this post, we will see Example Sentences with verbs that work like «Gustar».

Some verbs like «Gustar» + Example Sentences

Fascinar = to fascinate someone

A mí me fascina su personalidad = His personality fascinates me.

This sentence has the same meaning, using only Block 2:

Me fascina su personalidad.

Or changing the order:

Su personalidad me fascina.

Preocupar = to worry

A mí me preocupa esta situación = This situation worries me.

Interesar = to interest, to be interesting to someone

A mi padre le interesa la Segunda Guerra Mundial = World War II is interesting to my father.

Dar miedo = to scare, to frighten someone

A ella le dan miedo las arañas = Spiders scare her.

Aburrir = to bore

A nosotros nos aburre la película = The film bores us

Even more verbs like gustar

  • Importar = to be important (to someone)
  • Dar asco = to be repulsive 
  • Molestar = to bother 
  • Disgustar = to disgust, to be disgusting 
  • Parecer = to seem 
  • Doler = to hurt, to be painful
  • Picar = to itch 
  • Encantar =  to be very pleasing
  • Alegrar = to make (someone) happy
  • Poner nervioso = to make (someone) nervous