Past Perfect Subjunctive in Spanish (also called Pluperfect Subjunctive)

Welcome to our lesson about the conjugation of verbs in Past Perfect Subjunctive, also called Pluperfect Subjunctive («Pretérito pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo»).


The conjugation of a verb in Past Perfect Subjunctive is constructed with two words.

  • The first word is the verb “haber” conjugated in Imperfect Subjunctive for the right person.
  • The second word is the Past Participle of the verb you want to conjugate. This word is the same for all persons. Because the Past Participle is used in more than one verb tense, we have written separate lesson about how to form the Past Participle. Click here to learn how to form the Past Participle. 

That means, the resulting model is:

yohubiera... + Past Participle of the main verb


Following the model we just learned, here are some verbs conjugated in Past Perfect Subjunctive. These verbs happen to have a regular Past Participle:

yohubiera jugadohubiera bebidohubiera sentido
hubieras jugadohubieras bebidohubieras sentido
élhubiera jugadohubiera bebidohubiera sentido
nosotroshubiéramos jugadohubiéramos bebidohubiéramos sentido
vosotroshubierais jugadohubierais bebidohubierais sentido
elloshubieran jugadohubieran bebido hubieran sentido

And here two more verbs conjugated in Past Perfect Subjunctive, only these ones have an irregular Past Participle:

yohubiera hechohubiera visto
hubieras hechohubieras visto
élhubiera hechohubiera visto
nosotroshubiéramos hechohubiéramos visto
vosotroshubierais hechohubierais visto
elloshubieran hechohubieran visto

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