Indefinite Articles in Spanish. Forms and Uses

Indefinite articles in Spanish («Artículos indeterminados») are a collection of words that precede nouns in many circumstances, indicating their gender and number.

They are all equivalent to the English words «a, an» in singular, and «some, a few» in plural.

In this lesson, we will go through the following points:

  1. Indefinite Articles
  2. Examples with nouns
  3. Example sentences
  4. Quiz about indefinite articles!

1. Indefinite articles

Because in Spanish we need to match the gender and number of the noun, there are 4 different Indefinite Articles, which are:


2. Examples with nouns

«un» + singular masculine nouns:

un coche, un profesor, un rayo, un árbol = a car, a teacher, a ray, a tree

«una» + singular feminine nouns:

una casa, una canción, una flor, una mujer = a house, a song, a flower, a woman

«unos» + plural masculine nouns:

unos amigos, unos vasos, unos problemas = some friends, a few glasses, some problems

«unas» + plural feminine nouns:

unas señoras, unas manzanas, unas palabras = a few ladies, some apples, a few words

3. Example Sentences

Finally, here are some sentences using Indefinite Articles:

Hay un hombre esperando en la puerta. = There is a man waiting at the door.

Mallorca es una isla de España. = Mallorca is an isle of Spain, 

Tengo unos libros interesantes. = I have some interesting books.

Manuel conoce a unas chicas muy simpáticas. = Manuel knows a few very nice girls.

4. Quiz about indefinite articles!

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